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Jul 16, 2019
ok so I am trying to figure out how to go about setting up my internet connection in my home, I have it coming from the outside and into home aka:fiber/gigabit going into two Ethernet wall ports one in living room and office. My office I have plans to setup a gaming lounge and am trying to figure out how to go about setting this up. My office will consist of a TV and two gaming pc's and want the possibility for expansion to add more things such as a server and some wireless access points. I wanna take the Ethernet port from wall and be able to hard wire everything in my office/share the internet, what would I need to set this up for now just 3 things would need internet plus TV in living room which there is a Ethernet port in the living room. I guess my biggest concern is when lets say me and my roommate are gaming at the same time on our separate desktops how would it work if he was watching a movie or playing a game and for me vise versa how would the internet connection know who's doing what and not sending the same signal to both pc's.


It is not clear from your description, where your router is located. Network service "coming from the outside" is USUALLY only connected to a single location where the home router is located. From the LAN side of the router, the rest of the home wall jacks are connected.
Jul 16, 2019
Am I correct in thinking that you're trying to find the right networking solution for your house, considering the parameters you mention?
I'm currently planning out a setup for my own house, and I got plenty of exciting suggestions over here:

I'm looking into Ubiquiti and am currently leaning towards that as an option, and I found this video which gives some context and visual aid to our conversation:

Though, having said that, unless you're a serious enthusiast who takes advantage of the completely customizable controls and is comfortable with undertaking such a project, you may look into something like Google WiFi. IMO most people are okay with that.
If all your ethernet goes to a single place get the modem and router there as well. I have all my stuff on a battery backup including the AP because they are POE. For wifi if you have some ports in the house you can connect access points.

the answer to how you don't get sent the wrong packets is a longer discussion. At layer 2 you have separate MAC addresses and at layer 3 you likely only make outbound connections and your source port is randomized. so when you visit the same website it opens a connection to a random port and it would never be the same even though both of you use the same ip address publicly.

<<Private IP A>>: random port A -----> <<website ip>>: port 80
<<Private IP B>>: random port B -----> <<website ip>>: port 80


<<your public ip>>: random port C -----> <<website ip>>: port 80
<<your public ip>>: random port D -----> <<website ip>>: port 80

Each client/router looks at the layer3 info like ip addr and decides what mac address to send it to. It wraps it in layer2 and sends it. This unwrap rewrap happens every hop. NAT only happens at your edge router.
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