Discussion In-house streaming - gaming from PC to TV


Sep 5, 2011
Hello every one,

After searching alot for solutions for streaming games from my PC to my living room TV, I found no BEST way to do this. What I want is really what I cant get: connecting my PC to my living room TV and playing games from my couch, very much "console style".

There are 2 issues involved: streaming the :image: from my PC (GPU) to my TV and at the same time, sending controller (or K&M) input from my living room to my PC. All, without long cable running from my office to my livingroom.

At the moment I experiment with SteamLink box (bought from ebay). It works ok-ish. Problems I encouter are poor wifi signal (I guess if connected with LAN cable, both PC and SteamLink, signal will be better) and incompatibilitty with some non steam games (epic games, to be specific) that are a fuss to get controller imput for and even worse, at times blocking all controll of the entire steam app with the need to go to the office and close the epic launcher from there witch pretty much ruin the whole experience. What I like though is the "console like" functionality of the BigPictureMode.

I also discovered Parsec. And I experiment with it also. The benefits seems to be on all levels: the receiver could be an actual PC, with all the controller possibilities (like DS4windows). signal seems at least equal to steamlink.

I don
t want to spend money on solutions that will not work afterall. So. I seek here the experience from others.

If anyone have experience with similar setups for similar purposes and have better solution, please respond with advice or directions. Thank you.
I have been keeping an eye out for a good solution to this for years and have not found one. Now 4K 120Hz is a thing the streaming options seem even more of a compromise. I’m now using a Series X in the living room and the PC in my office. If there is something specific I want to play on the living room TV I will move the pc but generally use the XBox version of the game.