Question In how many ways motherboard can kill a graphic card

Aaradhya Sharma

Mar 8, 2019
A rat did pee on my mother board's processor and I had get it repaired now, if my mobo dies will it kill gpu asking with oi?
(please help I literally was crying for like last 6-7 hours because my father's friend told my father, that the mobo will kill processor as well as gpu if it dies, and my father is belching him over me, I dont belive him, I'll tell you once you reply. Please help I'm Removed crying 😢)
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that's kind of a doomsday scenario, but yah it's all possible. but just to add something: it could take your PSU too!

cat pee is salty and will attract moisture and other stuff which attacks/corrodes metals. it like thing going bad causes another fault. short out the cpu can damage the psu, that damages the gpu. so all is lost.

if it were mine i'd carefully dissassemble and wash the motherboard in distilled water (buy at grocery store) a couple times. dry off completely....several days in a dry place...before reassembly.

if you continue crying, the salt in your tears will just make it worse.