Question In my bios it is showing uefi but while checking after boot in win10 it is showing legacy mode.

Jul 2, 2021
I want to upgrade to win11 for which I need to convert my SSD from mbr to gpt to enable secure boot but I'm not sure if my pc would boot normally after that as my pc boots both into uefi and legacy from bios.
Mobo: gigabyte b360m ds3h.
Should I convert the drive from mbr to gpt? Please help


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If you've installed the OS using the 64bit installer and that your installer is created using Windows Media Creation Tools(for Windows 10), then you should have your drive formatted/created in GPT when you first installed Windows 10. As for Windows 11, I'd advise on not bothering with it. Its best if you let everyone else migrate to it, let them be early adopters and then see if it's your cup of tea. The initial hype always does seem tempting but the headaches that follow aren't worth it.

As for your BIOS settings, mind sharing screenshots of your boot settings page in BIOS + the BISO version you're on at the time of writing?
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