Question In need of advice regarding moving a router

Nov 28, 2020
Good day ladies and gents, I am after a bit of advise regarding moving a router.

So i am UK based so unsure how things differ in other countries, I need to move my router as it is in my kitchen at the back of the house and in the office upstairs we get no Wi-Fi.
I tried to get one of those TP link to use the wiring of the house but it has been unsuccessful and the speed drops 90%.
So before I go drilling holes through walls just want to get peoples views as I am sure a lot of you have a better idea then I do.

A) Should I look at just adding an extension to the master socket and run some telephone wire through my house so i can move my router to a central location? (approx. 15m of wire)

B) Run a wire externally from the socket to a modem in different room (if this is possible)? (this will be approx. 8m)
Or any other ideas.

I am not the most tech savvy person in this area of things but hope it makes sense.


Update your post to include some additional information.

Make and model for modem, router, and other network devices.

Basic Line Diagram:

ISP -----> Modem ------> [WAN] Router [LAN ports] ----Ethernet cables -----> wired devices and ~~~~~> to wireless devices.

Doubt that you will need to run telephone wire. Most likely an Ethernet cable will be needed.

But that all does depend on the existing hardware.

For example; the incoming line from the ISP could be going to a small splitter / filter that divides service between the telephones and router. Which could mean just running telephone wire to the routers new location.

Edit, update, and correct my line diagram to show what you now have and then what you planning/would like to do.