In Pictures: 2011, A Year In Review

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Jan 5, 2006
[citation][nom]acku[/nom]For all of Apple's problems, it's still an interesting company producing excellent products.[/citation]
True, but it's future beyond the next 12 months or so gets a bit cloudy: their main strength before was the iPod, and it's clear that the dedicated music player industry is reaching its EOL: iPod sales are plummeting, but everyone else's sales are too. That leaves their Macs, as well as the iPhone and iPad. The latter two are seeing serious competition from especially the likes of HTC and Samsung, with the latter being an electronics juggernaut that certainly has influential clout and brand recognition to at least rival Apple. And without Job's influence, I honestly don't think the Macs could last much longer; we all saw what happened in the 1990s.

[citation][nom]fb39ca4[/nom]What about all the people in Thailand? We shouldn't just be concerned about the hard drives.[/citation]
True, it's tragic that 790 people died, though this article is done in the context of what impacted the tech industry. In terms of deaths, at the risk of sounding callous, the Thai floods were a drop in the bucket: most of Asia is an area known for such tightly-packed populations that high death tolls from disasters are common, making that death count actually comparatively LOW. In comparison, the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan caused well beyond 15,000 deaths, making the floods closer in comparison to the USA's Super Outbreak death toll of 353. (And to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands dead from disasters like 2010's Haiti earthquakes, or the 2004 Tsunami.

In terms of the tech industry, though, as I said, the floods hit it in the gut. Usually "third-world" disasters are marked by very high death tolls and comparatively low dollar losses: this was reversed, akin to disasters in the USA.

[citation][nom]spellbinder2050[/nom]It's one of the most demanding games to date at high fidelity.happy 2012.[/citation]
Actually, it's about the opposite: because Skyrim is so heavily console-centric, anything beyond a mid-range card is wasted on it even at high resolutions. It's mostly that it's such a CPU hog: even a 3960X won't get near 60fps with the settings cranked.
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