In standby, both fans are still running

In Touch

Sep 29, 2007
Thank you for your help. In standby, my powersupply fan and case fan are still running. My older Dell PC doesn't do that. The case fan has a 3 prong connector that plugs into the motherboard. Would that be a powersupply problem, a motherboard problem, or something else?

Also coming out of standby I can't click on my speaker icon in the system tray. I've read that might be a sound driver problem that can only be fixed by installing a newer driver, only problem is I've got the latest Intel Integrated AC?97 Audiosound driver, and the motherboard is out of support.

Case: Systium Technologies M/N 545
Power supply: Systium Technologies M/N ST300-PFCN
Mainboard: Intel M/N D845GBV Bios: version P17
Processor: Intel P4 2.20GHz 400MHz 478 pin
RAM: x2 Dataram M/N DTM63606F 256 MB · DDR · 266 MHz
OS: XP Home SP2 Norton 360


Suspend/standby mode often causes problems, especially on older hardware. Since your system is pretty much obsolete, you may want to consider getting a new one if the issues bug you too much.