In the process of new build could use some MOBO/MEM advice


Jan 5, 2009
What board from the following options do you guys think is best:
or Extreme9/
and OC Formula/


P.S. What mem would you pair up im looking at 8MB went i went higher on current build i got no improvement and i dont do video editing just first person shooter. I need the MOBO to have space as i plan to go 2 GPU in the end once prices fall for the second(need one where there a couple inch clearance otherwise they help to cook on another and look to get 290x. Hoping to cap mobo to $250 (and what ever u guys think is best for the mem) and at least 8 GB of mem prob corsair or Gskill. When i upgrade mem on current comp cant say if did much and not doing video rendering but first person shooter.


Legenda in Aeternum
With your budget, go the Asus Z97 Hero, the Z87 Hero was the best of the Z87s and the Z97 is even better (both of mine in sig)...for primarily gaming would suggest 2x4GB GSkill Tridents or Snipers in 1866