Question In which order should I replace components? (details below)


Nov 8, 2016
Hi, so this is my setup:
-Display: 1080p LG 24gm79g 144hz 1ms (6 monhts old)
-Keyboard: Razer ultimate (5 years old)
-Mouse: Corsair M65 RGB (unknown but the right button doesn't go properly)
-Headset: HyperX Cloud2 (2 years old)

-Case: Aerocool GT-A white (6 years old) (I'm a bit bored looking at this case, + it has already fallen onto the ground once and the top and front are yellow ish)
-Fans: 2 top, 1 frontfan and 1 backfan
-HDD: (unknow brand but it is +/-9 years old)
-SSD: 240 gb (4 years old)
-CD Drive (4 years old)
-PSU: Corsair CX750 green (6 years old) (had some booting and rebooting troubles, didn't boot up properly, no screen no keyboard no mouse, got it fixed eventually by replugging in some connectors properly to my mobo)
-Mobo: Z170 a gaming (4 years old)
-CPU: i7 6700 (non k) (4 years old)
-CPU cooler: Stock intel i7 cooler (4 years old)
-RAM: HyperX 16 gb (4 years old)
-GPU: XFX RX 590 Fatboy (1 year old) (the fans worry me a bit since they constantly are running 100% and above even when running aaa games)

In which order should I begin replacing components?

FurMark: CPU: 100% 75 degrees / GPU: 80 degrees 100% fans 108%
Aida: CPU 100% 56 degrees
Pictures of HWinfo


Mar 27, 2011
First, get rid of that psu, the corsair green series are quite poorly made, upgrade to a RMx variant instead or maybe brush up on good psu models here.

Get yourself msi afterburner and set up a fan profile for your gpu. If you feel that you want more fps, you can of course upgrade to a 1660ti without likely bottlenecks.

You can upgrade your case at your own discretion, perhaps look into rgb (fans+controllers) if you get tired at looking at the same color theme.

SSD's are super cheap atm if you want faster storage, can get a 1tb mx500 for around $100.

5 years is around the point where one will start to get failures in components, so just keep a backup in case, since you already have modern components, if there is a failure in the motherboard or so, most of your components will be easily transferred over. Though I don't expect anything to fail.