In-Win Builds Mini D-Frame Mini-ITX Chassis

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Looks like a glass box surrounded by painted PCP pipes. I don't think a case made of mostly glass would be the ideal system to carry around. But in all honesty it doesn't look too terrible but there are better options out there definitely.

And does open air have to equal terrible cable management? I know this is an ITX rig which generally are very tough to work with but even their mid towers have just awful cable management routing hole positions. Kind of a shame if you consider the premium price you pay. You'd be better off just getting something from Lian Li, Bitfenix, or even EVGA with their more recent Hadron Hydro case.


Nov 26, 2009
open air and LAN party portability... doesn't sound good. I guess your ram modules will be missing int 5 seconds... unsless you only lan party with closest friends. Open air is just extra loud option. That puts your hardware at risk of mechanical damage without doing much in terms of cooling.
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