Question In Win Chopin Pro w/ 200W Gold "upgrade" PSU


I have been looking at doing another one of these little Chopin cases for a while. I know this is the PSU section, so bear with me please.

I have an extra Z590i board that I can fit to one of these cases, its originally intended use case. My plan is to build it out with a 10th gen i3 flavor. Here is the crux and concern:

I put all the parts into a couple of calculators. I like Outervision, or have in the past. I am trying to decide if I should go with a 10100T or a 10105. There is a fairly significant difference in performance, and one would think a considerable difference in power consumption between the two as the "T" version is configured 35W and the 10105 is 65W.

Both of the calculators I have used are stating ~95W load and recommending a bit less than 144W PSU. The case comes with the "Gold 200W" as listed in the description. I feel fairly confident that the T and its load draw shouldn't be an issue, but am concerned that the calculators aren't showing a difference for the 10105. It would be better in certain ways for this application, but don't know if it will put too much load on the supply. The other concern being that the motherboard isn't exactly your run of the mill ITX board with poor VRM. This thing will run (and did) an 11900K without concern....

What are your thoughts on using this questionable power supply with the 10105?
Rest of the setup is going to be (1) M.2 NVME drive, 2X16GB DDR4 and the 92mm cooling fan from Noctua.
At the same clockspeed both i3 draw the same amount of power. There's a difference in TDP because the T has a lower baseclock, that's it. When the T is installed in the motherboard automatically the PLT is set at a lower level. So it's not an issue at all. On that PSU even an i7 is possible with reduced PLT.