INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE BSOD error in Windows 8, been trying to fix this for days


Jun 15, 2015
I have been trying to fix the BSOD with the error: "inaccessible_boot_device" for days now and it is driving me mad!
My 1-year old Asus N56J (Windows 8.1 64bit) got a BSOD out of nowhere, never had an BSOD before. The computer was in good shape, no viruses, good drivers etc.
I actually work for a company that fixes people their computers so i have some technical knowledge, but i've never seen something bad like this.
The last couple of days i've been working hours to fix this and i've been thorugh pages of google results, forums etc. to find ANY good result but nothing worked so far.

What i already did:
1: Boot in safe mode / system recovery.
Not only do i get the BSOD every time i start my computer, after the BSOD i get the text: "automatic repair" which goes to black screen forever and doesn't do anthing. So i'm in a very crappy loop between BSOD's and automatic repair fails..
There is no way for me to get into the automatic repair menu to activate safe mode or MSDOS (for the CHKDSK command).

2: Boot from DVD
Sadly i only have a Windows 7 DVD. It booted fine from the DVD but i couldn't use the recovery tools because i have Windows 8.1

3: Boot from Hiren's Boot CD
After some trouble getting my laptop to boot from Hiren's Boot CD (on USB) i tried to go into the Mini XP but i just get the background and the cursor but no icons. keys like ctrl+alt+del doesn't work. So i can't open dos for the chkdsk command once again.

4: Boot from windows recovery USB
After i get the Windows 8 logo, i get black screen and nothing.

#3 and 4 are very weird because i tested the USB's on my desktop and they both worked fine.
I managed to boot from a USB with EBCD and did some tests on the HDD, here is some info:

Extra info:
My HDD is: HGST HTS545050A7E680
I deactivated the secure boot option in the BIOS menu and anabled legacy usb support (for hiren).
The Sata mode is on IDE, not AHCI.
My laptop got a lot of important files so formatting / reïnstalling is NOT an option!


Jun 15, 2015

after trying over 10 times to use the windows 8 recovery usb, my pc finally succesfully booted on it. (veeery slowely)
it has been running CHKDSK for the past 20+ hours, a lot of unreadable file record segments... so yes i think you're right that my HDD is broken.

is this a hardware problem? can CHKDSK fix it?
or is the hdd damaged? because i use it everyday for work and school.

thanks for the response



Nov 18, 2008
Almost always this is a hardware problem . Expect complete failure shortly .

Ideally stop trying to use your pc .
Take that disk out . Install a new one , and install windows on it .
Once you are up and running reconnect the old disk and try and copy your data to the new drive

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