man this is strange ok computere a> is iwill kk266 with amd 1.33 maxtor hd,cheapie cd rom,gf2 64 meg ddr..ect..compter b , iwill xp333 ,amd 2100+ ,ibm deskstar 40 gig gf4 ti4600 ect, so ive spent two days trying to load win 2k pro on computer b, last night i decide to put hd out of b into a and it loaded win 2 k no problems, so i take it(hd) out put it into b again, same message??? ***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

ive checked all conections, cables jumpers,ect



Dec 31, 2007
This is part of the problem:

<A HREF="" target="_new">Install a new motherboard in a Windows 2000/XP system</A>

What is the version number of the Iwill XP333 board? You should find this information silk-screened in the middle of the board. If the version is not 2.1 or better ... send it back to the manufacturer and request the newest board, or get your money back from the vendor who sold it to you. It's impossible to flash the BIOS on the older boards, and <i>that</i> BIOS does not fully support ACPI. I've installed several of these boards, and believe me, if the version of the board isn't at least 2.1, you'll either never be able to install an OS of any kind, or if you find a way, it will be highly unstable, and will crash and burn within just a few days.

If the board version is 2.1 or higher, I'd flash the BIOS, format the hard drive, and try to reload Win2K. Be sure that the setting in the BIOS that allows the flashing is enabled, and after the flash, clear the CMOS with the onboard jumpers. Then load the optimal BIOS settings, and make sure the hard drive is detected correctly. And you should definitely save the old BIOS on a floppy ... just in case. BIOS checksum errors on these boards are not uncommon, and the only solution for that is reflashing with the old BIOS.

Check the flashing instructions on the Iwill website carefully before starting such a procedure.


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Aug 6, 2001
Here's the solution for you:

- In computer a, go into Device Manager and delete EVERYTHING that it lets you. (If you have a USB mouse you'll lose access to it, so leave your USB hub for last if possible). Once again, EVERYTHING. Although the most important part that's stopping you from booting is the different IDE Controller, not deleting everything else will almost certainly leave you unable to use something on bootup, such as, well, keyboard.

- Now, shut down computer a.

- Put the hard disk into computer b.

- Boot up. Hopefully, if you did everything I told you, Windows should revert to default IDE Controller drivers and let you boot up. Also hopefully, you'll have access to your mouse and keyboard.

- After a few reboots, Windows should reinstall all your new motherboard drivers and you should end up with a working Win2k again.

Hope this helps. I just went through this nightmare a month ago.