Inconsistent Blue Screen crashes, Due to hardware, or drivers/software? Maybe speakers?

Jun 7, 2018
I have been having a lot of random crashes/blue screens. Sometimes they have an error code, and sometimes not. Each time it happens there seems to be a loud buzz before the blue screen appears.

A friend of mine has helped me reset the motherboard settings to default in bios, change and update all drivers, reinstall drivers, hangs antivirus programs, and do a bunch of other things, but crashes still occur. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to them or when they happen, although I have noticed mostly it happens when I have speakers plugged in. It has happened at least once without the speakers plugged in. My buddy and I have sort of narrowed it down to the audio drivers/software, but not sure what else to try besides new hardware. We've reinstalled and updated audio drivers a few times now, but it still happens. Sometimes it'll happen once or twice a day, sometimes it won't happen for a whole week or more. Inconsistent.

Could certain speakers really cause all the crashes?

Does this sound like a bad piece of hardware that needs to be replaced?



Hello ryan.kopf.ryk

Generally, the main culprit is not the speakers but the audio card or its driver.

However, since the updated driver didn't work, it looks like it's not compatible with the operating system.

To address this issue, please try installing an earlier version of the driver and see if it helps?

Please report back with the results if you need any further assistance in this.




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