Question Inconsistent Boot Loops, Once it does "boot" it freezes on Windows Splash Screen.


Jan 3, 2018
Hi Folks, hope you're doing well in these troubled times.

Two days ago I went to start my PC and I experienced a Boot Loop, I didn't think all that much of it at the time as after its third attempt the system fully initialised and I got to fly my fake plane of choice on a Flight Simulator I use. I came back from a socially distanced walk that night and the system booted fine, nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning I got up and tried again and I got stuck in an endless boot loop. Now I'm not going to lie, I know how to build systems, diagnosing them on the other hand is a mystery to me. One event of note is that on Christmas Day gone by, I smelt a burning smell emulating from the PC, I turned it off, cleaned it with compressed air as it was extremely dusty and attempted to fire it up the next day and all was well and has been perfect for months now. I put this event to bed with the cause being dust burning. Recently I've heard a clicking noise from the case, I thought it was a Hard Drive getting ready to fail, however recently it became apparent it was the PSU, however in the last day this has since stopped and it was fairly inconsistent as to when this occurred.

To get it out of the way firstly here is my system:

i7 4790K (now running at stock speeds, prior to this I was running a stable clock of 4.6GHz with temperatures remaining under 79C under load on 2.85v)
Gigabyte Z97 D3H.
16GB of 1600MHz RAM.
Seagate BarraCuda.
Corsair CX600W PSU.
Palit GTX1070 8GB.

Firstly, I thought it must've been the PSU with the clicking noise, however it feels to be very running cool and there is no smell emulating from it. Then I thought it could've been the HDD as when I could hear it power-up is when the restart mostly occurs. However even with it removed it still occurs. The CPU is also fine at 35C on the times I get into the BIOs.

I've tried removing all peripherals, rebuilding the system, removing all non essential components (This did somewhat improve the situation giving me more time before it would reboot however it would ultimately happen.)

This evening I flashed the BIOs. (No Luck there.) On the attempts where my system when get the stage of booting Windows, it would freeze on the Splash-screen. Same happens when I insert a Windows Disk or a USB with the Windows Media creation tool.

Ultimately I've probably fried the motherboard or the PSU has kicked the bucket, either way it's better to know so I can invest the little money I can set aside in the right areas.

Many thanks for any help you could give from this. I appreciate not much of this made any sense and it also shows the amateur level at which you'll be trying to help. However any suggestion is very much appreciated.

Best Wishes during this difficult time, and I hope the remains of 2020 become prosperous.

Many Thanks!