Question Inconsistent Download Speed Across Devices


Feb 25, 2016
I just moved into a new apartment and just got my modem from Xfinity set up, however my girlfriend and I are experiencing some inconsistencies with our download speed.
Modem model number: TG1682G

I ran a speed test on all our devices (the one that shows up if you google ‘speed test’) and here are the results:

Samsung Galaxy a6: 65mbps
Dell laptop: 32mbps
Macbook Air: 32mbps
Iphone 7: 3mbps
CyberPowerPC: .02 mbps

PC specs:
Wireless Adapter: realtek RTL8811AU wireless LAN 802. 11ac USB 2.0 network adapter
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B250M-A
OS: Windows 10

We also have one Amazon Echo Dot and an Apple TV, neither of which had any issues.

I’d like to find out how to bring my PC and my girlfriend’s Iphone up rates similar to our laptops. Wifi on her phone is slow but my PC may as well be offline.

Our previous service provider was also Xfinity and all of our devices worked fine.

I updated my realtek network adapter by plugging it into my laptop but the speed has not improved.

Could this be something to do with the modem/router settings or two separate issues?

Any help would be very much appreciated.