[SOLVED] Inconsistent Packet Loss and High Ping

Dec 15, 2019
Hello! I'm looking for some help on this issue that I have been constantly dealing with within the past few days.

I usually use my PC for gaming or for work, but as of recent, it feels like my internet is slowing down, and the games I play tend to jump in ping. Sometimes, the game just kicks me out or freezes everyone in place because of total packet loss. This gets really annoying, especially when it only lasts for a second and you're unable to react to anything. Furthermore, these annoyances are extremely inconsistent. It seems fine for a couple of hours, but then it just goes back to being all over the place.

I attached some images of some tests with ping plotter and Command Prompt. I use a Netgear Orbi and use a satellite from the main router. Thank you for reading.

You have 2 wifi signals as well as your internet that could be the problem. Repeaters are know to increase the already bad issues for games and wifi.

Your first test is to use a ethernet cable even if that means you run it over the floor. After this you can try to trouble shoot based on the results. If you see issues on ethernet there is likely something wrong with your internet connection. Otherwise it is wifi. Wifi issues are going to be hard to fix since most times they are results of interference coming in from outside your house.