Question Inconsistent RTX 2070 Super Performance - strange issue


Oct 30, 2011
I recently bought an RTX 2070 Super to eventually step-up to a 3080 from EVGA. I've noticed some issues while using the card, and I've been having trouble identifying their source:

I play on both my 1440p monitor and my 4K tv. I usually play at 1440p resolution on both, but for some games, I've checked online to see if they can handle 4k. 3 games I've been playing over the last week are Gears of War 4, Resident Evil 7, and Wolftenstein: Youngblood. In each of them, I will start off with great 4k performance (staying at 60fps) and then at random points in each game, my FPS will tank to the 20s or 30s. In each game, I continue having issues even after switching to 1440p resolution. I usually have to exit out of the game and reload to fix the issue, but sometimes even then it persists. I'd normally just think my GPU can't run the games at 4K, but I've seen other people's results with similar hardware and I know it should be able to.

For example, Wolftenstien: Youngblood can run at 4k60 using DLSS and RTX at the highest settings on a 2070 Super. When I run the in-game benchmark, I will get 60+fps maybe 2 out of ten times. The other 8 it will average about 18.

I don't think it's the GPU itself - the GPU stays cool, never exceeding 66 C, and the fans are on a custom curve I've set. The drivers are updated. I've updated my BIOS and attempted to update my chipset drivers, although the installer says I don't have an AMD system and then it aborts, which is strange. I read somewhere that it may be an issue with my windows registry, although I'm not sure how to change that. This is the same version of windows I was using with an old i7-4790k until earlier this year, although I didn't have issues with my GTX 970.

Another issue may be that I have some sort of malware on my PC. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes don't report anything in their scans, but while running the Wolfenstein benchmark last night, my PC randomly started running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 at the same time, and the background image for my desktop changed (I'm not synced with other PC's and I don't have the background settings set to slideshow).

Is this an issue with my chipset or with an infection? Should I just do a clean install of windows? If this isn't the appropriate spot for these questions, I can also try them in a different part of the forums.

My PC specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
MOBO: AsRock X570M Pro 4
RAM: 16 GB Kingston HyperX 3200mhz
GPU: EVGA RTX 2070 Super XC Ultra
Drives: Samsung 840 EVO, Crucial M.2 1TB, OCZ Vertez 3 256 GB, Western Digital 2tb HDD