Question Incorrect BCDedit entires and boot order in BIOS


Aug 13, 2008
I have 4 SSDs in the machine, 2 of them have bootable Win10 on them and 1 has bootable Linux.

The primary boots just fine. I cloned the primary onto the clone SSD with Macrirum and created a bcdedit entry for it. When the machine boots and I select the clone Win10 drive, it does not boot.

I have to go into the BIOS and change the drive order under BIOS/Boot. Not of the multiple devices like CDROM, flash but of the disks themselves. Then the clone Windows 10 boots. But the primary Win10 no longer boots. I have to rearrange the disk order under BIOS to get my primary disk to boot again.

and under BIOS/boot/disks I have 2 entries per each disk. I think it has retained some of my previous BCD entries maybe.

To confuse this further, the primary and clone Win10 disks are the same model, so here are 4 entires that look exactly the same and I have to select one until I find the one that works.

I run EasyBCD and it shows no redundant entries.

I can run bcdedit /enum all but cannot figure out which entries are false.