Question Incorrect Temperature Limit on Auto - 5900X ?


Apr 1, 2020
Hi, for the last four days I have been having an issue where my PC is setting the temperature limit to 85 degrees Celsius by default. The problem is that when it goes over that temperature by 0.4 degrees Celsius the PC reboots and the bios tells me that the CPU went over the temp limit. But the real temp limit for ryzen is 90 Degrees C. But it is set to auto in bios and it was 90 just a couple days ago but I am not exactly sure why it changed and wont go back.

I have not changed the bios other than manually setting temp limit up to 90 with no effect and I have had to latest version a few months already. My motherboard is the ASUS X570-E and the bios version is 4403. I had already overclocked my system before and it has been stable for at least a year.

A few days ago I installed Ryzen Master to check on my PBO settings because my clocks were lower than usually under load. I then concluded that my thermal paste application when I first built my PC a little over a year ago was not good, so I replaced it.
It turned out that it was not covering the entire CPU completely so I repasted and remounted my cooler and temps were no longer having big fluctuations.

I went to test using C23 my clocks and used Ryzen master to test different limits and they were back to what were usually but the temperature was not going to the correct set limit. It is odd to me that the PC shuts down too because it is certainly not overheating. I think it might have to do with RM screwing up something either in windows or bios but I would like some feedback in case anyone could help.