Increase the dedicated video memory of an APU??

Aug 4, 2018
Hey everyone. I recently acquired a new PC. I'm a newbie at this but I know the basic concepts. The PC has an APU, which is the AMD A8 9600 3.1GHz. And also it has a 4GB RAM memory. I like the computer as well but it has only 512MB of dedicated video memory!!
Now, my question is: If i add another RAM module, can I increase the dedicated video memory? And if it so, Where? and How?
Thank for the answers.
Enter BIOS Setup to set the following items under the Peripherals\GFX Configuration menu.
-- Set Integrated Graphics to Force.
-- Set UMA Frame Buffer Size to 512MB or above.

I don't recommend adding extra memory, as the old memory has never been tested with the new memory. There are no guarantees such combinations will be compatible. Best to use a single kit of memory as memory is guaranteed in the form sold.
Windows automatically controls the amount of ram used for the integrated graphics. There's nothing you need to do (or can do) to set the amount of ram dedicated to graphics. Adding additional ram will allow you to have more programs running at one time and more tabs open in a browser. If you're planning to play games on it, forget it. It's too weak to play anything but simple web based games.