Increasing gaming performance


Nov 25, 2012

I'm not much of a tech guy so Ima ask you guys.
My fps seems to have drops at random moments and sometimes stays like that
How do I get my laptop to perform better in games?

Processor clock speed 2000 MHz
Processor family Intel Pentium
Processor P6100
Internal memory 4096 MB
Internal memory type DDR3-SDRAM
Total storage capacity 500 GB
Discrete graphics adapter model ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470

Would buying a new graphics card help?


Nov 22, 2012
are you wanting an improvement on performance or graphics?, what i do to make my games run a bit smoother is turn down their graphics settings (if the game has the options to,and make sure all back ground programs and processes are closed through task manager
You cannot replace the graphics card in 99%+ of laptops. Only specific gaming laptop models allow you to upgrade the graphics, but those laptops generally costs at least $1,500+ minimum. Additionally, replacement graphic cards for laptops are extremely rare and expensive.

The cheapest way to improve performance is to reduce the resolution and reduce graphic quality. If that does not provide enough performance increase, then your only other option is to buy a new laptop with a graphic card / chip fast enough to play games based on your expectations.


Dec 8, 2011
Aha! You have an AMD card.

Download ati tray tools, make sure to kill all the ati processes (Atievxx, MOM, CCC, etc.). Once those processes are stopped, install ATT, run it.
Set "Texture preference" to the various settings and try them out in-game. Do the same with the mip-map setting.
I find that I need to change my resolution, and then change it back to the one I want before I play a game, otherwise I get artifacts. Probably because I'm running the latest drivers, and I'm using an old .dll for ATT.
Lowering texture preference to 'Performance', and the same with mip-maps, will give you the best performance boost without looking too ugly.


Random performance drops are often caused by programs in the background. Close everything you can before gaming and make sure your virus-scan, defrag, java/flash/etc. updates don't happen at that time.