Question Incredibly weird issue - related to CLRTC jumpers?

Jul 20, 2020

So I've been building my girlfriend a PC with some parts of my old build, yet I have a really weird issue I can't seem to solve.
Basically the PC - which is working perfectly fine when it turns on - simply no longer turns on almost at random.

I can turn it off, and then on. And it'll work. Sometimes I turn it off for the night, go to sleep, and turn it on.
But other times I'll go have dinner, come back to my PC which was still on, and see it powered off, and the PC won't turn on at all.

Sometimes it happens over night, sometimes at night after testing it out all day.

The only way I get it to work is jumping the CLRTC pins with a screwdriver, and I have no idea why this happens.

I do think the problem is that I've lost the caps to the CLRTC pins. I replaced them with my HDD LED caps, and it used to work when I owned it like that, since I used to have a problem similair to this before.

But now the "solution" doesn't seem to work any more.

The PC simply turns off and won't turn back on.

For more detail, jumping the CLRTC pins to make it turn on also isn't so fool proof. I usually have to do it multiple times, turn off the PC, then cover the CLRTC pins with something. Then it works. It turns on and off at will.

Until randomly it doesn't.

One more thing to note is how it randomly turns on in the morning at times.
Any thoughts or ideas or solutions?
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Sep 14, 2020
I've got the same problem.
Computer shutting down randomly while inactive.
Randomly booting while shut down. (Often in the middle of the night)
Having to try multiple times to turn it on.

I am now realising this all started when I lost my clrtc jumper. I have a motherboard with a 3 pin clrtc.

Did you manage to find a solution?