Indie Game Spelunky Coming to PC in August

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Jun 5, 2006
[quotemsg=11159780,0,769386]Looks interesting. I've been having way more fun with indie games than AAA games lately (FTL, Hotline Miami, etc.). AAA games all tend to be the same corridor shooters after a while.[/quotemsg]

Absolutely. Though, one reason (not the only reason, but a big one) all these AAA games look (A) visually near identical and (B) as if they've all come from 2008 is because of the strangle-hold current-gen consoles placed on game devs. Anticipate some much-needed variety in game visuals and mechanics in the next couple of years now that we're on a console refresh cycle.... after which we'll be back to generic samey garbage for years and years when we hit that performance ceiling again...
I don't think the performance is the issue. It's the design. I'm not asking for better graphics. I'm asking for unique gameplay. Publishers are too unwilling to experiment when they know the next battle duty: global halo 5 will sell millions of copies, while costing little in development since it is a copy of last year's game.
Not open for further replies.