[SOLVED] Individual vs Total File Download Speed


Jan 28, 2017
Hoping someone can help. I've googled to no avail.

I have a very fast internet 400MB/s internet connection.

Windows 7 Pro 64
Core i7

So previously, when downloading multiple files from a file locker,
all browsers had a maximum download speed at around 1.3 MB/s PER FILE,
regardless of how many files I'd download simultaneously.

Then, I noticed that some servers on my VPN would allow me to download
individual files faster up to around 10 MB/s combined. In other words,
if I downloaded one file it would be around 10MB/s, lightning fast.
If I downloaded two files simultaneously, each would be around 5MB/s.
If I downloaded 4 files each would be about 2.5MB/s, etc. So no matter
how many files I downloaded, their combined speeds would total about
10MB/s. But only on those select VPN servers. If I went back to no
VPN, each file was capped at 1.3MB/s.

Then, one day the per-file speed cap of 1.3MB/s returned to each file,
even on those VPN servers.

ISP is not throttling.
VPN not throttling.
File locker claims it's not throttling.
All browsers (Brave, Chrome, Firefox) the same.

Can download things faster from other places.
Can get torrents to combined speeds up to around 13MB/s at times.

So I really want to get that individual file download speed back to around 10MB/s
from that file locker. Please help.

Who/what limits/controls per-file download speeds vs total combined download speed.

If the file locker was throttling, they would have to have been doing it by server,
not my login, right? Doesn't make sense.

If it was the VPN server, why cap each individual file download speed instead of all?

If it's the browsers, how can I fix? (I see ways to throttle browser speed but not increase.)

Any fixes, help, and/or general insight on individual vs total file download speed would be
greatly appreciated.

Hoping someone can help. I've googled to no avail. Thanks in advance.