Infected hard drive


Mar 1, 2011
My friend has a Dell with windows vista. He picked up a nasty virus of some sort.When booting up, as soon as I entered his password, hit enter, the screen would go black. I could still hear the drive going, but stayed black. If I hit alt-ctrl-del the task manager screen would come up.
Safe mode same thing, with "safe mode" in the 4 corners.
Switched hard drives and installed windows 7, and all works well. So I think the motherboard is okay.
Now the problem.
It seems his backup habits are the sameas his surfing habits. pretty bad. non existent .
Hooked up the old hard drive again as a second hdd. and it shows about 100gb out of 150gb used, but clicking open only showed 1 file. Something or other .BAK
So I tried running scan disk on it, but it froze. Then the Antivirus popped up showing a trojan, someting DOS, click to clean. OK. Click to restart OK
Win 7 boots okay on the new drive, but windows says the old drive not accessable.
There are a lot ofpics on the old drive.
Any ideas how to get them off?
registry mechanics aren't going to do anything on a clean install of windows...

Have you turned on the option to show hidden and system files? They are off by default, and clearly there are files there. I would probably access the drive from a linux live CD if its that bad of a virus


Dec 24, 2011
Try and find out what virus it is, and research it on the net
Some are well known to re-arrange or even encrypt parts of the file system to extort users. In some cases there are specific tools that can reverse this, but unless you know at least something about it , it will be hard to work with.

If you take your time and do your research most virus's can be cleaned and defeated.