Question Infinite "Automatic Repair" loop ?


Sep 3, 2020
Hello all,

Background Info
I recently put in a old laptop HDD into my desktop. The operating system on it was Windows 10. On the main HDD I have, I have Windows 11 and this is the boot that my system defaults too. I normally use my old laptop HDD for nothing important so it's no big deal to just format it.

I tried to login to my laptop HDD and I was given a login connecting to the server error which I then restarted. After restarting my computer, this portion started to loop in the automatic repair tool. I tried to use the advanced recovery settings and troubleshooting but each time it would prompt a "Recovery Tool not able to fix" or something related to that. I tried to use the CMD prompt to fix the issue but it kept saying I didn't have admin privileges to do so.

I then logged into my Windows 11 OS and tried to find a few things. Found out that I could format the HDD from my old laptop so I proceeded to do that. After doing so, I am not able to boot up either OS. On my Windows 11, it loops in the automatic repair tool and I get this registry error code and tells me that the tool is not able to fix my computer. I dont get any error code in my Windows 10 boot up and don't know what to do.

Can anyone help me out?
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Would i be right in guessing the win 10 drive was in pc when you installed win 11?
its possible the boot partition was on the drive you just wiped.

Do you have an installer?
if not, go here -
either click 2nd link to get media creation tool and use it to make an installer on USB
or click 3rd link to get an ISO to make an installer on USB

can you boot off installer
on screen after languages, choose repair this pc, not install.
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose command prompt
Type diskpart and press enter
Type list disk and press enter
that shows drives in PC - can you show me a photo? upload to an image sharing website and show link here

type list vol - this shows you all the partitions on the PC but not which drive they on
type select disk X (swap X for a drive number)
type list part - this shows what partitions are on the selected disk

should be able to recreate the boot partition, just need to see what it looks like.

System partition is the boot partition.


Colif above describes boot sector recovery/fix method. Perhaps a bit complex, but easily do-able with the nice steps he wrote next to it.

There is another option as well;
  • Remove Win11 disk from system (unplug it)
  • Format and install Win11 onto Win10 drive (since as you said, you can wipe it, if needed)
  • Once you have running OS on disk, plug the old Win11 drive back (make sure you're booting off from new/fresh install)
  • And then, you can just copy/paste all your personal data from old Win11 drive to new Win11 drive

Even easier is to wipe either of the drives and make clean Win11 install on it. Without fiddling with drive unplugging. But that can create the same situation, where OS is on one drive, while boot sector is on another. This isn't advisable.