Infinity 865PE On-Board Sound Problem


Jul 10, 2004
Hey all.

I have an Infinity 865PE mobo with the onboard 5.1 audio. The problem I discovered (I lived with the issue before it became a problem) is that the front audio jack produces no signal. I've fully tested the jack and it definately doesn't work. My question is whether I can fix the jack through software (doubtful) or if its a common fixable hardware issue. I've written to the company but they haven't responded at all so I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem and fix it.

IF it's a hardware issue that can't be fixed - could anyone recommened a good $50-60 5.1 sound card for my mobo? I just got new 5.1 speakers and have been dieing to get them to work but with the front jack not working I've had to use the 'Xear 3D' to pump all my front audio through my rear speakers.



Oct 4, 2006
uhh i think its a hardware problem.. if your front audio jack isnt working on the BACK side of the motherboard then something is seriously wrong.. just disable the onboard and get like an audigy 2 zs (50$) or something like that.. it'll save about 5-7% on computer cycles when gaming haha... or you can pick up an audigy 4 for around 80 i think... depends on how much you wanna spend..