Question Infinix X1 Pro vs Lenovo Ideapad 5

Jan 28, 2022
The title kinda says it all. Right now I am looking into a new laptop for some non-gaming occasional use, and I work in data, so maybe do rare work on it as well (just to be safe if that ever happens)

I have 2 options I am weighing between:

1- Lenovo Ideapad 5: i7-1165G7 - 8 GB Ram - 1TB HDD & 265 GB SSD - Intel Iris - 15.6

2- Infinix INBook X1 Pro: i7-1065G7 - 16 GB Ram - 512 GB SSD - Intel Iris - 14

I kinda want to go for the 16 GB of ram as it feel safer and I can't find the 16 GB version of the Lenovo mainly out of stock here in Egypt.
But I am not really trusting a laptop by Infinix, as they are somewhat new in that market.

Price is almost the same and I don't mind the difference in size

So what do you think, and have any one tried Infinix laptops?