Question Ingame resolution issue

Sep 3, 2020
I have a monitor with native resolution of 2560x1440. If I decide to change the resolution of any game to 1920x1080 (trying to lower vga temps), keeping the aspect ratio, it results in a image (text mainly) with very bad quality.

Does anyone know the reason and how to fix it?

I noticed that when changing the resolution of Windows 10 and the ingame resolution, both to 1920x1080, the game image looks good, as when I play in the native resolution. It only gets worse if the Windows is set to 2560x1440 and ingame as 1920x1080 (or a differente resolution compared to Windows 10).

Is there any simple way to fix this without having to keep changing the windows resolution manually before starting a particular game? My vga is a GTX 1060.
What monitor are you using? By default, the NCP is set to let the display to do the scaling. Some displays don't scale very well, causing noticeable blur.

In your Nvidia Control Panel under the "Adjust desktop size and position" tab, you can if you wish change the scaling method from the default "Display" setting to "GPU".