Inno3d 9800GT ..need MB to suit


Jul 20, 2009
Hi all

I got a 9800 GT Inno3d and the MB i got atm just clashes with it.

Current MB is an Abit KN9 with AMD 5000 CPU , now this runs ati cards np but nvidia just wont run , and yes i have tried different drivers . The board originally had a 7900 GT card and had graphics problems with artifacts and freezes a lot in games like BF2 and Eve online. I then put an ATI 2900 in had 0 glitches and freezes.

I was then looking to upgrade again and was told 9800GT is a good strong card for my budget , but when i put it in it just glitches and freezes same as the 7900. I have changed ram and cpu the only thing left must be the MB and it doesnt like these cards .

So my question is i need a MB that will go well with the 9800GT and the AMD 5000 processor. I think my HD is IDE .

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S i live in Australia :)


Jan 27, 2009
Not sure what is available in Australia but a very reliable MB solution would be an ASROCK N68PV and sells for under 50 USD at