Inno3D GTX 1080 iChill Black Stays Cool Two Ways

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I thought there was something DIFFERENT about this design at first, but it doesn't seem much different than other Hybrid coolers.

Basically the GPU (processor) is on the liquid cooling loop with everything else using a HSF.


Nov 11, 2014
@PHOTONBOY There is a difference between this hybrid cooler and other hybrid coolers. EVGA and Corsair use a blower style cooler, aka a reference card style, to blow all the hot air out, while the iChill card uses an open air fan cooler that blows the hot air into the case.
From a manufacturing standpoint. With all the fins, extra fan and shroud. I fail to see how this could be any cheaper to mass produce than a full cover waterblock. You still have at least as much heatsink material if not more. You also still have the cost of sealing the unit, radiator, lines and pump.

All it does is add another fan to make noise. A small fan at that. Which means high RPM thus noisy.
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