Question Inno3D GTX 1080 Twin X2 Post Overclock Stability Problems

Feb 20, 2021
Hi, i require help in a little situation that i do not know how to fix anymore after several attempts at doing so.

I wanted to overclock my gpu with MSI Afterburner, and followed many guides on how to do so.

but prior to doing this i cleaned out my gpu of dust, i removed practically all the plates and re-applied thermal paste to the gpu die, reassembled the card and got to work. (if this would have any correlation to my problem)

I used furmark and MSI Kombustor for stress testing my gpu after applying some overclocks to the core and memory, adjusted fan speed to sit at a solid 70 at all times.

However, after being finally satisfied with my overclocks and launching my games to see the performance results, i've experienced abnormal gpu behavior.

When playing the games 7 days to die and Space Engineers, as soon as i load them up, the gpu will fluctuate fan speeds, from a flat 0% all the way to 100% seemingly at random intervals at a frequency in between a fraction of a second.
There is also a whining kind of noise as well, and gpu temperature starts to skyrocket, with the fans seemingly ignoring the rising temperature and having a mind of their own.

Basically, if i launch these games, or any other game for that matter, the gpu will be cruising at it's normally defined fan speeds, then the fans will drop to 0% speed, then i'll hear a whining noise, the gpu fans then start going all over the place and won't keep a steady speed.

However if i am just using my browser or am on the desktop, leaving steam open then it's completely fine.

Ever since the overclock i have not been able to play games out of fear i am going to blow up my card because it has never done this before.

I did reset my overclocks and unchecked Apply overclocks at startup and closed MSI afterburner and rebooted.

Still having the same problem.

I uninstalled my gpu drivers with DDU in safe mode, rebooted and applied fresh drivers, still same issue.
Did a complete reinstall of windows
Reset my motherboard BIOS

Still, the same issue.

I even went as far as to use nvflash to clear the vga bios with a fresh one from techpowerup, thinking that would "Correct" any of the changes made by afterburner that could've caused this.

At this point i don't know what the problem is, i just want to be able to play my games without fear of my gpu exploding into a fiery ball of death.

If you would like any logs, please ask.

EDIT: Took some screen shots comparing to before i launch a game, compared to when i do launch a game with a fan speed of a constant 60% applied. - Before - After

Note in image 2 the Fan speed RPM, it's impossible for it to reach that high, so obviously something is wrong.

Any ideas?
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