inno3d RTX 2080 TI

Jan 21, 2019

my GPU, at 97-100% load, is stable at 85 C. No matter if I open the case or if I added 2 more fans in the PC case. Fully load stay at 85 C.
Idle is 32 -35 C.
Is that 85 C a normal temp at fully load? I saw around here everybody talk about 70 - 80 C...
its true I had an evga graphic card long time ago running at almost 100 C and never had any issue with it - I have it for more than10 years and replace it not because it was broken... so I guess advices like " if run hotter your gpu will die faster' is just a myth. What do you think? Frankly speaking I don't mind if my gpu will burn out after 10 years... for sure ill have others till than...

On evga products they advice if your gpu is lower than 92 C in fully load you must not worry.
But on inno3d they do not specify any temps...

Thanks for your opinion


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