Question Input Lag/Display Problems Related to Power/Bad Electrical?


Nov 24, 2011
Well here goes, Ive been dealing with this issue for awhile so hopefully I can get some advice.


Input lag across the board in both games and windows, both mouse and keyboard inputs are inconsistent and change over time. At times the dpi increments on my mouse hardly change the sensitivity, other times it adjusts a ton. The monitor display suffers hitches, and micro stutters, of the same varying consistency. Makes game play at 140fps and below look and feel like 60 or lower. Internet webpages load slower, you tube videos and twitch buffer at random times with no packet loss. At times the lag is minimal at times its unbearable. The input lag and video hitches seem entirely inconsistent however I have found that nearly any hardware state change/software change can affect it to varying degrees. This is 100% not a software problem as I have seen this across multiple versions of Windows, games, a Nintendo switch as well.

Things I have tried:

3 different PC's (completely different specs)
3 different monitors (120hz, 144hz, 240hz)
5 different mice (Logitech G-Pro x2 models , Razer Deathadder x3 models)
3 different mousepads
3 different keyboards
Using different circuits and configurations around the house. (some work better than others, however input lag is still present)
Different power strips, power conditioners
Tested for outlet grounding with 3 pronged tester.

Current Build:
CPU: Intel i5 8600k
Motherboard: Asrock Taichi z370
Ram: 16GB (8x2) GSkill 3200 mhz CL14
SSD/HDD: Intel SSD 760P 512GB M2 SSD
GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X
PSU: EVGA Supernova 750 G3
Chassis: Phantek Entho Evolv Tempered Glass
OS: Windows 10 Professional 64bit Build 1803

Of note: I have tested multiple different versions of Windows (7,8,10) and BIOS versions across the 3 PCs I have used and the problem is apparent through all of them.

Things that change the mouse/keyboard behavior and monitors display quality:

Moving the monitor/router/modems/pcs power cord to different outlets, different power strips etc. Note: My Wi-Fi does not even work if my router/modem are on the same outlet/power strip- the signal shows up but no connection.
Changing which USB ports the keyboard/mice are plugged into.
Applying tinfoil to any power cord, or mice/keyboard USB cables.
Applying Ferrite beads to any of the above cords.
Changing nearly any BIOS/Windows 10 settings.
Adjusting GPU fan/power settings.
Adjusting nearly any settings in NVIDIA control panel change the mouse behavior.
Adjusting/propping up the GPU (seems like the positioning changes mouse behavior heavily).
Changing case fan profiles- usually lowering fan speed/power is better.
Monitor settings (brightness, color, resolution).
Placing phone onto the PC case (doubles mouse sensitivity immediately).
Changing where the router/modem is or moving the power cords.
Separating all cables from each other.

Other things of note:

Nintendo Switch controllers have the same input lag.
PC hums when its plugged in but not on. Sound quality on headphones/speakers is occasionally better or worst. Speakers have an audible hum.

So I am a bit at a loss, it has to be something with my houses wiring or a ground loop being created somewhere, raising the noise floor in the system which in turns causes data loss? There seems to be others out there with nearly the exact same symptoms but none of the solutions they have given so far seem to solve the problem indefinitely. The input lag always comes back and mouse/keyboard behavior is totally inconsistent. At times it operates nearly perfectly but not for long.

I am considering purchasing a double conversion UPS as some people recommended that if it is power related, which I do not see how it couldn't be. Anyway if you have any thoughts/advice it would be much appreciated. There seems to be more than a few people out there with this problem or close to it. A few of us cross referenced symptoms and affects and found nearly the exact same things. How can I fix it if its a ground loop or other power related issue? Thanks if this is the wrong place to ask point me in the right direction.

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