Question Input lag in Game Mode vs Movie Mode with all post processing disabled


Oct 27, 2016
Hey all, I’ve been trying to figure this out. I have a Samsung HDTV, model number UN60J620DAF. As is unfortunately standard on HDTVs these days, Game Mode forces Local Dimming, aka when the image on screen gets dark, the backlight dims pretty badly. I have entered the developer menu, but there is not way to disable it; I can only disable Global Dimming.

So, what I’m wondering is if Movie Mode, which is the only way to disable Local Dimming on my TV, with all the post processing effects turned off will get me the same amount of reduced input lag as Game Mode. Or is there something else hidden that Game Mode does to further decrease input lag? I’ve tried testing it, and Movie Mode with all effects turned off still seems slightly more laggy, but I’m not sure if my brain is just playing tricks on me or not.

Oh, and I’ve tried PC mode. It looks absolutely awful on this model.


EDIT: I tried a super janky test where I’d play Spider-Man and start a timer just when I hit the jump button, and end the timer just when I heard his feet hit the ground. Between Movie Mode with no effects and Game Mode, the times were coming back exactly the same, so...I think it’s the same lag either way? Like I said it’s a pretty lame way to test but I did it for like 30 minutes and kept getting the same results.
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