Question Input Lag question: Non-max refresh rate & non-native resolution in Fullscreen mode(exclusive fullscreen) ?

Mar 9, 2021
I have two questions:

assuming the post processing options of a monitor is disabled or kept at a minimum,

(a) Is there additional input lag when i choose a refresh rate(let's just call this "non native refresh rate") other than my display's max refresh on the display settings?

(i understand that lower refresh rate displays naturally have more input lag than those with higher refresh rates [ex. a 120hz monitor has more input lag than say a 240hz monitor] my question is specifically about when you change the refresh rate from the display settings [ex. a 240hz monitor with the option of running 120hz] will it add more lag[because of processing, converting to lower refresh, w/e happens under the hood etc.] on top of the existing input lag of the lower refresh rate?)

(b)does playing a game fullscreen mode(exclusive fullscreen) at a non native resolution add input lag?

for context im planning to buy a 144hz or a 240hz display but will manually set it to 120hz (but not planning to use any kind of sync etc) because games im currently playing is set to ~120fps
and for resolution i want to keep playing at 1080x720(4:3) but the monitors in my wish list has a 1920x1080(16:9) native resolution
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