Question Input lag

Sep 2, 2018
Hello,for a few months i ve been experiencing input lag on my mouse sometimes and now on my kb as well when i play fortnite for example or open google chrome.a temp fix was to unplug and replug my hdmi cable in my monitor 2-3 times until it would stop,but it s getting annoying.wjat can i do to fix it?is it a bad hdmi cable problem?
Hdmi cable shouldn't cause input lag, that's usually caused by low refresh rate set other than optimal (ie 30Hz on a 60Hz monitor) or vsync is enabled. Vsync usually causes input lag in games so if theres input lag outside of gaming theres a possibility something is running in the background causing the system to slow down. Possibly virus/malware or application.

Check processes in task manager and sort cpu and memory individually highest to lowest by clicking the column title so the most users are brought to top. If there are resource hogging processes search Google on that particular process and investigate.

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