Question Input not support error on my monitor while using a vga splitter.

Sep 25, 2020
Hello! I have an issue that I had since I got my VGA splitter. It's those cheap ones that duplicate the image. The information I know about this so far is that when I'm on the desktop there's a black stripe at the very end of the right side of the monitor. It's vertical and not noticeable. When I launch a game like CS:GO At the resolution of 1024x768 Then the vertical stripe disappears and the message is gone. When I exit the game, the vertical line and the message come back up. Any help? (Edit: When I tried switching the refresh rate there was only one option, 60hz And it was the one i was on. My card is an R7 250 From AMD. I also have tried desktop resolution at 1024x768 with and without GPU scaling. No change without GPU scaling, But when I turned it on my main monitor without the issue displayed an Out Of Range message while the second monitor got a grainy image and had the Input Not Supported issue persist.) (This issue has been solved by people on the Steam community forums.)
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