Question Input not supported and crackling with RX580

Mar 29, 2020
Hey everyone, I am new to the tom's hardware forum and I have a question regarding my RX580.

When I start a game, I will get a crackling sound from my monitor and will get an input not supported message and a black screen for a few seconds before the game pops back up on the screen. My CPU is a Ryzen 1500x. This happens in-game every time I open a new menu like an inventory menu or an options menu. Sometimes it would happen when a new entity is loaded onscreen.

This only happens in game, not during boot or when opening any other window. I have reinstalled drivers for the RX580 4 times, adjusted my default resolution to my monitors native resolution, and used DDU to clear out the last remaining NVDIA drivers.

The only other thing that could cause these issues is that the video output ports sit kind of high in relation to the expansion slots on my case, and one of the metal frames is rubbing up against the hdmi cable, however, the hdmi cable is fully plugged in and when I shake the cable there is no flickering.