Question Input on this build? And will all parts be compatible

Looks pretty good. Couple things.
  • RGB ram module height may interfere with installing AIO cooler at top of the case. I listed some that will fit 100%, sans RGB. If you mount the radiator in front then it won't matter and the RGB ram you picked will be fine. Check the link below for Tom's review of the case and issues they had with ram module height.
  • You didn't list a power supply. Maybe you already have one? I listed a high quality ARGB model for you to check. I have no idea if it's compatible with iCue. You can mount the fan facing up with no issues since top of the case PSU shroud is vented.
  • Why are you getting an old style hard drive at all? A single, faster m.2 NVME drive would be fine and has no moving parts to fail. You can always add a standard sata SSD later on if you need more storage.
  • I only see 1 fan opening left in the back. Why a 3-pack of case fans?
  • Do you want/need wifi? You may want to get a motherboard with it or add a wifi card.
  • These are just suggestions and observations. Do what you think is best. Use the Pcpartpicker list linked below to customize your list. It's easier than Amazon lists and gives best known prices for items.,6346-2.html