Feb 8, 2007
I'm going to salvage my current Antec 900 case and DVD burner as well as my 650 watt TT Toughpower PSU but I'm going to purchase An AMD x4 940 BE with a Foxconn A79A-S motherboard combo ( and an MSI HD4870 1gb card to use on my 24" monitor. Im not really sure what RAM I should purchase and if there are better alternatives for this CPU/Mobo combo which is priced at $275. Any input would be appreciated. Also does anyone know if this CPU comes with a cooler? If I recall the older Black Edition CPUs didnt come with one so thats why I ask.


Mar 10, 2009
I presume the cpu your talking about is the phenom II x4 940. If it is and it's a retial boxed version (not OEM) it will come with the stock amd air cooler. Go with either the crucial ballistix tracer or corsair for the ram(my preference would be the crucial as they are very reliable, last a long time and you get a bit of bling for your money.I use them and am yet to have a problem with them) Other then that you might want to consider geting a gtx 260 model over the hd4870 graphics card.


Dec 24, 2008
I'm not particularly fond of that mobo layout, since it only has 1 PCIEx1 slot and 1 PCI don't have much room for expansion. Plus if you read the description, the x16 mode slots are farthest apart from each other and there aren't any crossfire cables long enough to link those two slots...useless IMO. I would do this combo instead:
or if that one is too much

I don't think that CPU comes with a cooler as it is a BE, so I would get this:

Good quality cheap ram:
The Phenomll X940 BE comes with a cooler, in fact Anandtech used the cooler on the 940 to overclock the PhenomllX3 720 BE in their first review of the 720.

"Our cooling choice is the retail unit from a Phenom II X4 940 as our engineering samples were not shipped with a heatsink/fan. Our clock speeds did not change with improved CPU air-cooling in today's test. However, temps did drop anywhere from 6C~9C at load with the Vigor Monsoon III LT we tested and would highly recommend utilizing an upgraded air cooler for the long term."