Input/output panel REAR panel, FAST question!


Dec 15, 2009
Hi, guys,

my brother is building a computer with the REAR I/O panel.

His came with metal tab things on the panel that get in the way when trying to install the motherboard through it.

Are you suppose to bend these tabs in a certain direction?

Please let me know

heres a pic, if you look closely, you can see the metal prongs on the i/o panel

Use the one that came with the motherboard, not the one that came with the case. That one is sporting slots for parallel and serial ports so definitely swap it for the one that came with the motherboard. You can bend the prongs, i remember when i was installing mine i dont think i needed to bend anything it all just sorta fell into alignment nicely.
The only tab that might cause a problem is the one on the PS2 port opening. By angling the board into the case you should be able to install it without have to bend anything.

Good call Hunter , that does look like a generic I/O plate.