Question Inputs sticking or being ignored in games.

Aug 12, 2021
Hello, I'm an absolute novice when it comes to computers, and am in desperate need of knowledge I dont know that I dont know. When I'm typing in searches or on websites, my laptop works fine, but when I open games and try to move with wsad, my inputs stick (as in I keep walking left when I let go) or don't register (I'm standing still, press jump, and don't jump). I'm on an hp ryzen 3 on which ive replaced the ram with a single stick of 8gb, everything else is factory. Any advice would be appreciated, I have no clue what I'm doing.
check in Device Manager for any "unknown" or other flagged devices.
especially under the "Keyboards" & "Mice and other pointing devices" sections.

if any stand out you can attempt to update their drivers through their Properties selection,
you can uninstall them and hope they get auto-installed again correctly upon restart,
or you can search Dell's support page for your device for the specific drivers to install.

i would go with the latter.
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