Question Inquiries about Optimizing Dell XPS 7950


Feb 28, 2015
Hello all. I have a few questions regarding my Dell XPS 7950.
I want to do a fresh install for my computer, reinstalling windows. I realize that this eliminates a few of the built in dell features. I love my computer and I want it to run as optimized as humanly possible.
Few things. I hate ProMaxAudio because it has a weird sound and makes screeching noises. I read somwhere that it protects the speakers, is that true?
Other notes, Ive upgraded to the most recent BIOS update and plan to do some things to reduce thermal throttling. What should I do? Is there still a need to adjust clock speeds? A lot of the posts Ive read are from a while ago and I do not know if the BIOS updates have fixed said problems. I can't tell. Am I okay to straight up reinstall windows, or are there important dell software I need to keep?
I also read somewhere that there are a lot of background processes that drain battery.
My ultimate question is, I want my computer to run as fast and as smooth as possible given its hardware, and I am prepared to do what it takes to uninstall and reinstall as needed. I want to get rid of any xtra junkware and other stuff running in the background, and I want to reduce battery drain. I also want to do what I can in Nvidia to make my games run smoothly. What do I do?
Thank you so much



Update your post to include laptop's hardware specs and OS.

What capacity is the hard drive and how full is the hard drive?

ProMaxAudio - weird screech: could be a feedback loop between speaker(s) and microphone. Need more information about when that screech happens and what you are doing at the time.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to learn more about what is running on the laptop and what resources are being used and to what extent those resources are being used. Lots of information available. Remember you can click the column headers to sort the data.

Process Explorer may prove helpful as well - likely you will need to download it (free) via Microsoft's website.

Look in Task Manager's Startup tab. Ensure that you understand what all is being launched at startup and what it is doing. If you do not recognize something then use google to search accordingly. No immediate need to react and do anything per se until you are convinced one way or another.

Explore about being careful not to change anything. "Cancel" is your friend if you initiate some pop-up window and do not know what to do.

Post accordingly.