Question Insane deal on 1700x at Micro Center

Many times when I see them running a deal this good they will state one per household. I guess in this case, they don't MIND if you buy more than
Right below "Add to Cart" it says "Limit One per Household"

Even that doesn't jive, $329 - $50 discount is not 129 !!! Somebody screwed up big time.
Well, you only get one at that price, so the first is $129 and the second is $531 o_O


May 26, 2014
$179 is the current street price
$129 is the discount price for the first one (" $179 SAVE $50")
$329 is the 1700's launch MSRP

Someone must have screwed up pricing on the 2nd+ unit and used the old MSRP instead of the regular retail price there.
They want to minimize people buying 50 CPUs then flipping them for the original price.


That's some funny pricing. If you buy one for 129 bucks, second one would cost 200 more ???
My guess would be they do that to prevent people from taking advantage of the deal and reselling the CPUs for more than they paid for it. I remember them doing this during the GPU shortage and they charged an insane amount of money for people buying more than one GPU.


Oct 17, 2018
They don't enforce this at my local store. They had this same deal back in November. I bought 2 of them for 130 a piece at the same time. Even if they did try to enforce you can just do multiple transactions. None of the employees will care. This isn't even that crazy of a deal for MC. These have been $150 or less at MC for months. Just one more reason to think Zen 2 is going to be a game changer.

The 2700 is $200, comes with a cooler, and will run at the same all core turbo stock with higher IPC. The only way the 1700x makes sense is with a $30 tower cooler overclocked to 3.7-3.9 ghz IMO. If you are going to spend $100 on a cooler for it you'd be better off with the 2700 and a $30 tower cooler. Or just buy the 1600 for $80 to tide you over until black friday month when Ryzen 3000 will be widely available and hopefully discounted. I wouldn't be surprised to see dirt cheap second gen at that time as well. Either way don't run out and buy anything until after the AMD keynote on Monday.
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