Insane FPS loss


Sep 7, 2010

ive had my gaming rig just over a year, i went for high end for the first time and unfortunately it hasnt been an easy ride but now its got worse.

My specs:

MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16g (quad)
CPU: Intel i7 3960x (5ghz)
PSU: Corsair 850 watt
GPU: EVGA GTX 570 2.5gb X2
HDD: Corsair force 3 240gb primary drive


Planetside 2 - i was getting about 3 weeks ago 120+ fps and lowest it would drop was around 90 in full combat.
Now its only being able to push 15 - 25 fps all the time. (high settings)

Farcry 3 - i was getting on the first few days of release getting 110 fps and its lowest drop was about 95. now it im . only getting 20fps.

Borderlands 2 - i had been getting way over 200fps now..... 1fps....

so from just a few examples you can see something major is going down but where?

List of Attemped fixes:

Restarting, clean driver installations, Beta drivers, reseating SLI bridge, defrag, virus & malware scans, turning off overclocks, CPU & GPU Temps, turning SLI off, dedicating a card to physx, CPU & GPU loads.

CPU loads and Temps: During the games the load is around 50% and temps of 45c.
GPU Temps under load: during all games it gets to 67c on card 1 and 63c on card 2.

So if anyone has any ideas or been through something similar please help



Nov 28, 2012
Doesn't sound like Vsync, the fps is too low....

- What does the Intel Extreme Tuner say about your CPU after 5 minutes of both tests?

- Try installing GameBooster (ioBit) to check if any services are screwing around
- It also creates a fresh Power Profile, which may be your problem.

- Make a new non-admin user account and see if that has the same problems after rebooting.

- Try using Clonezilla to image your PC then reinstall from afresh.

If you don't have spare hardware to swap-in it gets a little hard to diagnose...


May 24, 2012
I think your HDD might be nearly full. I've had a similar issue before, it turned out that my HDD was slowing everything down because it was almost full. Do you have another hard disk? Are you using steam?


Sep 7, 2010
my hard drive has 25gb free, and its been defraged and scanned. i do have 2 ssd spare if i need to test later but for now im ruling out the hdd

and its not lupus :p

it's never lupus!

but, as far as right before the problem started, have you installed anything or done any hardware changes?

Have you checked GPU clocks are as they are supposed to be? Also, try tweaking your overclocks slightly up or down.