Question Insane Lag spikes


Sep 1, 2016
Hello Everyone, I hope this is the correct section for this.
So I am on the verge of giving up.
I recently switched my isp again after support issues from the previous one. I am now at a wireless isp where I get 6mb download and 3mb upload.
So whenever i do a speed test i get the normal speeds with really low ping always <10 and jitter max of 3ms. However whenever i play an online game ( mostly counter strike global offensive and the odd apex legends or rocket league match). when in game i get insane lag spikes. even when the ping remains below 10ms in game, i literally disconnect from the server or i can barely move from lag. My isp does not know what to do and in fact i dont think they believe me when i tell them about it. is there anyone on here that has experienced this issue before or could have an idea as to what might be causing it.
thanks in advance
You need to run ping in back ground cmd windows to see what you latency is compared to what the game says. You should likely try a number of sites. I would use since there is likely a server close. The game servers you are likely using are in the EU so there could be issues between ISP in the path. I don't know much about servers used by players in south africa. In any case you want to run pings to some of those also.

You can also run tracert and then ping intermediate nodes to see if you can find the delays. The key one you ISP can fix is in hop 2 on the trace..assuming hop 1 is your router. It all depends if you can show issues with something near your house or if all the problems are far away. You can really only get things fixed that your ISP is in control of.

There are some vpn that might help if your ISP has a bad path to other ISP. This is very much a project that will take some time. You will have to explore your ISP connection to various vpn providers data centers. You then must hope the the VPN provider has a better path.

Maybe you get lucky and is a problem with the radio link the ISP can fix.