Question Inspiron 5675 "What to upgrade first?"

Feb 25, 2019
I got My hands on a inspiron 5675. The R7 model. I plan on upgrading the ram from 8 to 16, eventually go with a 1070 graphics card and throw a SSD. Just not exactly sure which to do first to see a impact on performance and what brands of parts to go for.

Last time I tinkered with PCs it was a socket A board so I am kinda out of the loop.

All suggestions are appreciated, I eventually want to get the most power I can out of this machine because it will be awhile before I start a new build.
Can you list all of the specs here? What gpu, cpu, and psu.
If its the model i thinking of, ltt tested it and some games actually stutter loading in textures due to the really slow hdd. Id put an ssd in it to begin with if it doesnt have one already.