Inspiron 570 sli or crossfire?


Sep 10, 2011
I was wondering about wether or not i should buy 2 graphic cards to crossfire or sli but i dont know wether itll work. I upgraded my psu to 650 watts My processor is AMD Athlon X4 630 and i got 3 gigs of ram.

First check your Motherboard at Dell to see what it supports. I've done that, here';s what they say:

System Board Connectors
Memory four 240-pin connectors
PCI one 124-pin connector
PCI Express x1 two 36-pin connectors
PCI Express x16 one 164-pin connector
Power (system board) one 24-pin EPS 12V connector
Processor fan one 4-pin connector
Chassis fan one 3-pin connector
Front USB connector three 9-pin connectors

Video cards go in x16 PCIe slots (or sometimes in x8 if you have to), never in x1. As you can see you have a single x16 slot so cannot go SLI or crossfire.

Your best bet is to pick a new video card (here is a great ref:,2997.html). If you pick an expensive one then it may come with a LARGE pcie card so double check that it will fit in your card. (google the size of the card then open case an measure clearance or google for success stories of people upgrading their 570)